Chrysalis Treatment Center is a community-based residential treatment center for substance abusing youth ranging in age from 13 to 17. 

The primary goal of Chrysalis Treatment Center is to teach youth that they CAN live a drug-free life! Utilizing a variety of experiences, innovative therapies, coping skills, and building self-esteem, we are here to dispel the myth that “there is nothing to do but get high!”


Our innovative program offers a variety of evidence-based therapies. Youth will be involved in up to 30 hours of therapy per week, engaging in Motivational Interviewing, DBT, CBT, and Experiential Therapy. 

The purpose of each of these therapies is to give youth the coping skills they need in order to change their lives and to learn how to cope with life’s daily challenges without drugs or alcohol. 


Chrysalis Treatment Center is a 16-bed (8 boys, 8 girls) facility, giving us the opportunity to provide each youth with the individualized care that they need and deserve. Each youth will be treated as an individual and their treatment will be based on their unique needs. 


At Chrysalis Treatment Center, we believe the family is a crucial element in the healing and self-building process!


Chrysalis maintains close relationships with local medical professionals who can provide valuable medication management services when needed.  Youth can be evaluated for the need for medications, and if it is determined that there is a need, medical personnel and staff will work closely with each youth and their family to determine the most effective treatment for their child.


Youth will also continue their schooling on our campus. Our goal is to ensure each youth is able to return to their home school at the same level as their peers. We will work closely with their schools to facilitate this process or help them catch up, utilizing in-house accredited schooling, if needed. 

In order to reduce the risk of exposing youth to the triggers present in public schools, and in order to help them learn how to handle those triggers in a safe setting, Chrysalis Treatment Center will provide facilitation for continuation of education within our program.

We will work closely with the home school district of each youth and, if possible, we would encourage the home district to provide the educational materials and assignments that they are currently using with the youth, and then our staff will ensure that youth are maintaining their education and progressing forward. 

If the home district of the school is not able to provide the material, Chrysalis Treatment Center youth will enroll in online accredited high school classes, BYU Independent Studies, so that they can make up lost credits and remain within, or surpass, their current grade level. 

As in all aspects of Chrysalis Treatment Center programs, youth will receive individual attention in achieving their educational goals!

“I’m bored, there is nothing to do, but get high.”

At Chrysalis Treatment Center, we are COMMITTED to shattering this myth!

Youth will have the opportunity to explore the wilds of Northern Wyoming and become involved in the community.

Chrysalis is different in that we want our youth to learn to access the world around them, become involved in their community, and to be active in achieving their own success.

A common complaint of substance abusing youth is “I’m bored, there is nothing to do, but get high.” We want to shatter this myth and teach youth that there is so much more to do when sober and life is more exciting sober than using.

Through Experiential Therapy experiences and community involvement, each youth attending Chrysalis Treatment Center will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn and understand how to overcome obstacles
  • Learn how to work as a team to achieve a goal
  • Communicate effectively
  • Gain confidence in interacting with others
  • Discover what resources are available to them


The family is a crucial element in the healing and self-building process! We know that in order for a successful return home, all aspects of the youth’s life must be addressed. This includes life at home before and after treatment.  

At Chrysalis Treatment Center, families and home agencies are encouraged to be actively involved with the treatment of the youth and we encourage constant contact with the Chrysalis Treatment Team. Parents will be prepared and know what to expect when their child enters our program, returns home, and how to best help them be successful in that transition.  

From the beginning of treatment to discharge, parents, schools, and home agencies will be closely involved in treatment, transition, and discharge planning. The Team will actively address: 

  •  Intake processes
  •  Treatment planning
  •  Family days (where intensive therapy is done with the families in person)
  •  Effective communication and discipline tools
  •  Transition planning
  •  Discharge planning

We do not stop working with the youth once they leave the facility. We will help families identify a therapist to work with their youth upon discharge, participating in joint sessions with the youth, the family, and the home therapist to ensure that the youth can continue the progress they are making and to ensure they have a smooth transition back home. 

We will work with the new agency close to the youth’s discharge and will continue to work with them upon discharge. 

We will have monthly contact with the involved agencies and families to update everyone on the youth’s progress and to ensure that all needs of both the family and the youth are being met. 



One might ask, why choose Chrysalis Treatment Center over other residential placements?

All you have to do is look at the individualized care each youth receives….

  • We focus on the mind, body, and spirit of the youth in order to build a well-rounded sober, successful adolescent.
  • We ensure that they are receiving a well-rounded education and that they can continue to progress academically in a safe small environment.
  • We want youth to be involved in the community, so they learn how to navigate their surroundings and remain sober.
  • We want the families actively involved so we can provide the best possible support and transition back to their home.
  • We are a small organization so each youth’s unique needs can be addressed at the highest level.
  • We continue to work with youth and family after discharge to ensure the smoothest transition back to the home environment.
  • We are actively involved with families and agencies so that everyone has input on the youth’s treatment and needs.


In addition, Chrysalis Treatment Center closely reviews each application for enrollment. We focus on treating youth that are a good fit for our program, so we can remain true to our culture and values and remain focused on the sobriety of each youth we help. 

We want the best for our youth and for our program, encouraging a high success rate and the most effective program we can offer.  

Why choose Chrysalis?

We want every youth that comes through our doors to experience adventures and challenges so that they learn how strong and resilient they are, that they can believe in themselves, and they can be anything they want to be!