Our level system is designed to promote advancement through sowing the rewards of positive change, directly countering the behaviors and attitudes associated with substance use. 

Our therapeutic community of peers is built to develop a culture focused on recovery, as clients actively practice skills learned in therapy throughout all their interactions and with each other. 

Some aspects of our program capitalize on community integration as early as orientation (Recreation, physical fitness activities). As privileges are gained through level advancement, opportunities to further develop their own recovery lifestyle, based on explored interests and experiences, become appropriate interventions to instill enduring change. 

A major focus of our program is to aid our clients in self-discovery. In higher level advancement, personal preferences for healthy lifestyle and activities become the focus and discovering resources from their own community to aid in continuing their recovery-oriented lifestyle is shared with transition teams combining their local outpatient therapists, families, and others interested in their success.  



Our clients begin with orientation to the program. 

Working toward Level 1 status, they are dependent on others to guide them in learning expectations, concepts, and how to succeed in this new environment. 

Goals are directed toward stabilizing behaviors and emotions. 

Clients will use this time participating in treatment planning and acclimating to the therapeutic community of Chrysalis Treatment Center.


  • 1 hour scheduled free time daily
  • Participate in House Activities
  • Attend Movie Night if meeting all academic requirements
  • Eligible for off campus recreational therapy 
  • Eligible for ON CAMPUS visits 


 At this Level, clients are practicing independent skills in planning and taking responsibility for their actions. 

Working toward Level 2 requires spending some of their personal time in reflection focused on their life, relationships, behaviors, and impact in their life. 

They will demonstrate progress through verbalizing focused reflections with their therapeutic community. 


  •  All orientation privileges
  • Free time during shower time
  • Eligible to attend Community Activities with approval from supervisor


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At this Level, clients are Working toward Level 3, requiring proactive and leadership behaviors. 

Clients practice consistently modeling self-control. 

They demonstrate application of resistance skills necessary for success in their recovery through asserting healthy boundaries with peers. n't keep it to yourself, let folks know.


  • All lower level privileges 
  • Free time for 2 hours on weekend days
  • Eligible for community “quick trips”
  • Attend Co-ed activities


At Level 3, clients are working toward Level 4 status and must develop trust, showing they are worthy of level 4 interventions and privileges. 

They are seeking rewards of interpersonal connections, serving, and growth. 

They are developing integrity. 

Interactions and conflicts with family and other supports in their community are addressed through practicing resolution skills. 


  • All lower level privileges
  • Free time when available
  • Attend off campus academic field trips
  • Be in room during free time
  • Water bottle
  • Long trip every other week
  • Adventure activity every other week
  • Personal radio (AM/FM) in free time (headphones)
  • 15-minute social phone call to family every other week (speakerphone)
  • Off-campus visit with family (negotiable duration)


On Level 4, clients are refining areas of progress and confidence in their identity. 

They practice effectively utilizing their time. They practice modeling higher level behaviors consistently. They practice leading. They demonstrate integrity in Level 4 interventions and privileges. 

They have increased opportunities to apply skills developed in treatment with their personal relationships. 


  • All lower level privileges
  • Free time during meals
  • Long trip every week
  • Adventure activity every week
  • Level 4 privileges (rooms, groups, planning)
  • Personal radio during PE, Projects, Etc.
  • CTC IPOD (approved library, no internet)
  • 15-minute social call to family, not on speakerphone
  • May earn snacks/drinks and store them
  • Eligible for Weekend home visit


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Clients in Level 5 status are effectively utilizing their time. 

They are modeling higher level behaviors consistently. They are leading. 

They are fellowshipping and taking interest in their peers. 

Level 5 is focused heavily on reintegrating with family and community.ions, so everybody benefits.


  •  All lower privileges
  • Attend all trips
  • Manage own time (except school unless approved by academic director)
  • Set own bed time (read, watch TV, movie, etc.)
  • 20-minute social call to family every week
  • 15-minute phone call to another person besides family (therapist must approve)
  • Eligible for longer home visit to facilitate transition to community